Living In Roseville Ca

The Definitive Guide

Interested in a great city in California, Roseville is a place to live. We are happy to help, continue reading and you’ll find some wonderful details of the city and the surrounding area. Helpful tips that we used when choosing the perfect Roseville Neighborhood as our new place to raise our children. We will help you explore the school system, businesses, Roseville neighborhoods, and things to do. 


Where is Roseville Ca?  


Roseville California is located in Placer County about 18 miles from downtown Sacramento. Interstate 80 runs through Roseville as does State Route Highway 65. Depending on what time and day you leave it takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to commute to San Francisco. It takes about the same amount of time to travel to North Lake Tahoe. 

How far is Roseville Ca from Sacramento?

Roseville Ca is 18 miles from Downtown Sacramento.

The surrounding cities include Rocklin, Granite Bay, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Loomis, Folsom, and Lincoln, 


General Overview


Roseville Ca. has what you need. Let's take a look at some of the great city parks that helped us choose Roseville to raise our children.  

Are you thinking about living in Roseville, California? 



Quick Facts 

Population - 139,117 (2018 US Census Bureau) 

Population Density 2,978 per square mile

Median Age 39.1

Median Household Income $137,706

Average Annual High F 74 ( it does get hot in the summer)

Average Annual Low F 50

Average Cost of a Home - $587,300 (Sept. 2021 Google)


Is Roseville a safe place to live?

Roseville is ranked 99 just breaking the top 100 of safest cities in California according to Safewise. Roseville Ca crime rates are, Violent crime rate 2.2 per 1000 residents. The state's average is 4.5. Roseville does have some property crime reported that matches the state's average at 23.6. Roseville is surrounded by safe cities, Lincoln Ca is ranked number 4 on the list, Rocklin Ca 22, Folsom Ca 31. 

Roseville Ca offers a great place to raise a family. Many great parks, quiet neighborhoods, and plenty of leisure activities, 

There are some great restaurants, lots of culture and shopping. It is a growing and diverse city that is rapidly expanding. It's an ideal place to live. 




According to the Roseville Historical Society Roseville was first settled as a stagecoach station called Grinder. Growing with the times the stagecoach era transformed into a large railway station. Central Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad called Roseville home in 1909 when the town became an incorporated city. For decades the city was best known for its railways. There were years of growth but as means of transportation improved such as cars, and airplanes. This city slowly steadied its growth. Moving from a city heavily relying on the railways for employment. That ventured out to other job sectors like tech and health care. 

Business In Roseville


Roseville’s growth was dependent on the railroads in the early ons. But as large companies such as Kaiser, Sutter Health and Hewlett Packard moved in recent years the city is experiencing rapid growth. Let's take a look at what employment opportunities are to be had in Roseville Ca. 




 Business in Roseville- That employs over 1000 people

Kaiser Permanente 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

Sutter Roseville Medical Center  

Union Pacific Railroad 

City of Roseville 

Roseville City School District

Pneumbra Inc. 

The city's financial corridor located on the south end of Douglas Boulevard is packed with many different companies from banking to doctors' offices. 


Maybe your children are just starting out in the workforce and looking for a job. One of the major economic roles is played by Westfield Galleria at Roseville, the second largest mall in Northern California, and just across the street is the Fountain at Roseville. With hundreds of jobs to be had. Or maybe lots and lots of shopping to be done? 





According to the average salary in Roseville Ca is 70K. This number is backed by the high number of healthcare nurses and software engineers employed in the city. 

Here is a noticeable trend that is something to think about. Many of our most recent clients are Telecommuting or working from home. Leaving those outrageous home prices in the bay area and finding something much more affordable here in the area. Telecommuting might become a trend in the near future as the Corona Virus pandemic has seen a huge shift in this direction. Placer County and Roseville Real Estate will be something to watch closely. 




This is why we moved here! The Roseville School system is one of the best in California. When searching for a place to raise our young family we first looked at schools. From preschool to High school the Roseville City School District has a great reputation and has the scores and grades to back it up. Their scores constantly rival those of private schools. 



Preschoolers are ages 3-4 and attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am- 11 am for a daily fee of $23/ $18 (residents)

Pre-kindergarten is aged 4-5 and attends classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am- 11:30 am. For a daily fee of $24/ $20 (residents)

Priority enrollment for current families is April 1-15th Open enrollment starts April 22, 2020 


I would highly encourage you to start the process early. Click Here for more information.

If the link does not work call (916) 772-7529 


After School

The Adventure Clubs are state-licensed, school-age child-care facilities operated by the City of Roseville in conjunction with Roseville and Dry Creek School Districts. Once your child is attending school and you wish to have then join the after-school program. These programs also fill up fast. Mark your calendar for March to register for the following school year. 



The Roseville City School District supports 20 different elementary schools. Some of the best as rated by The average student-teacher ratio is 24:1. 



Blue Oaks Elementary 

8150 Horncastle Ave, 

Roseville Ca 95747

(916) 771-1700

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Blue Oaks Boundary 


Junction Elementary

2150 Ellison Dr.

Roseville Ca. 95747


View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Junction Boundary


Stoneridge Elementary

2501 Alexandra Dr. 

Roseville Ca. 95661


View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Stoneridge Boundary


Fiddyment Farm Elementary

4001 Brick Mason Cir.

Roseville Ca. 95747


View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Fiddyment Farm Boundary


Diamond Creek Elementary

3151 Hopscotch Way

Roseville Ca. 95747


View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Diamond Creek Boundary


Gates Elementary

1051 Trehowell Dr. 

Roseville Ca. 95678


View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Gates Boundary


Brown Elementary

250 Trestle Rd. 

Roseville Ca. 95678

(916) 771-1710

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Brown Boundary



Jefferson Elementary

750 Central Park Dr. 

Roseville Ca 95678

(916) 771-1840

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Jefferson Boundary


Sargeant Elementary

1200 Ridgecrest Way

Roseville Ca. 95661

(916) 771-1800

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Sargeant Boundary


Kaseberg Elementary

1040 Main Street 

Roseville Ca. 95678

(916) 771-1790

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Kaseberg Boundary


Crestmont Elementary

1501 Sheridan Ave

Roseville Ca. 95661

(916) 771-1750

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Crestmont Boundary


Spanger Elementary

699 Shasta St. 

Roseville Ca. 95678

(916) 771-1720

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Spanger Boundary


Cirby Elementary

814 Darling Way

Roseville Ca. 95678

(916) 771-1730 

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Cirby Boundary


Woodbridge Elementary 

515 Niles Ave. 

Roseville Ca. 95678

(916) 771-1850

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Woodbridge Boundary


We would have to say we are extremely pleased with the education our children receive attending school here in Roseville. 


Here is a link to the Roseville City School District Bell Schedule for 2019-2020


If you would like to see what homes are for sale within particular elementary school boundaries just click the desired School link above. 


Roseville City School District - Middle Schools


Buljan Middle School 

100 Hallissy Dr. 

Roseville Ca. 95678

(916) 771-1720

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Buljan Boundary


Chilton Middle School 

4501 Bob Doyle Dr. 

Roseville Ca. 95747

(916) 771-1870

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Chilton Boundary


Cooley Middle School 

9300 Prairie Woods Way,

Roseville Ca. 95747

(916) 771-1740

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Cooley Boundary


Eich Middle School 

1509 Sierra College Dr. 

Roseville Ca. 95661

(916) 771-1770

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Eich Boundary


Eureka Union School District 

Serving Transitional kindergarten through 8th grade the district shares boundaries between Roseville and Granite Bay. If you wish to buy a home in Roseville that is near the city of Granite Bay you may be within the Eureka Union School District Boundaries Map 



The school system is slightly different from a traditional system. With K-3rd attending the same school, While 4th-6th at another school and 7th-8th at another. 


Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Greenhills School (TK – 3rd)

8200 Greenhills Way

Granite Bay, CA 95746

(916) 791-4230 

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Greenhills Boundary


Maidu School (TK – 3rd)

1950 Johnson Ranch Drive

Roseville, CA 95661


View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Maidu Boundary


Oakhills School (TK – 3rd)

9233 Twin School Road

Granite Bay, CA 95746

(916) 791-5391 

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Oakhills Boundary


4th Grade - 6th Grade

Excelsior School (4th – 6th)

2701 Eureka Road

Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 780-2701

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Excelsior Boundary


Ridgeview School (4th – 6th)

9177 Twin School Road

Granite Bay, CA 95746

(916) 791-3477

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Ridgeview Boundary


7th Grade and 8th Grade 

Cavitt Jr. High School (7th & 8th)

7200 Fuller Dr.,

Granite Bay, CA 95746

(916) 791-4152 

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Cavitt Jr. High Boundary


Olympus Jr. High School

2625 La Croix Drive

Roseville, Ca 95661

(916) 782-1667 

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Olympus Jr. High Boundary



There are three high schools located in the city of Roseville Ca.  All of them received a grade of A from The Roseville Joint Union has a lot to offer.

Rated A- 1,891 students, Student-Teacher Ratio 24:1


Oakmont High School


1710 Cirby Way

Roseville, CA 95661

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Oakmont High Boundary


Rated A 1,978 students Student-Teacher Ratio 23:1

Roseville High School


1 Tiger Way

Roseville, CA 95678

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Roseville High Boundary


Rated A 2,182 Student-Teacher Ratio 23:1

Woodcreek High School


2551 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.

Roseville, CA 95747

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the Woodcreek High Boundary


West Park High School


2401 High School Rd. 

Roseville, CA 95747

View Roseville Homes for Sale in the West Park High Boundary


Two high schools are in the same district but are not located in the city of Roseville. 

Rated A+ 2,048 Student-Teacher Ratio 24:1

Granite Bay High School


1 Grizzly Way

Granite Bay, CA 95746

View Homes for Sale in the Granite Bay High Boundary


Rated A 1,825 Student-Teacher Ratio 25:1

Antelope High School


7801 Titan Drive

Antelope, CA 95843

View Homes for Sale in the Antelope High Boundary


Colleges and Universities


Brandman University 

Established in 1958 to help educate the Marine Corps. Brandman is within the Chapman University system located in Southern California. The college has 25 campuses throughout California and Washington and online studies. It is fully accredited and nationally ranked. Offering over 50 degrees, credentials, certificate programs. Including Nursing, Teaching, and Social work. 


Sierra College (Roseville Center)

Sierra’s main campus is located just outside Roseville, In Rocklin Ca. But the Roseville Center is a helpful alternative providing the same great instruction and student services. Primarily Administration of Justice, Fire Technology and Community Education. 


Roseville Neighborhoods 


Are you thinking about moving to Roseville Ca. ? We know that not everyone is looking for the same thing. Some are older looking to retire, some are just starting out and looking to raise a family. Others just want a great place to live. Here is a simple list of some of the great neighborhoods in Roseville. 


The Best Roseville Neighborhoods 


Olympus Pointe

Located just off Douglas Blvd. between E. Roseville Pkwy and Sierra College Pkwy. This is one of the premier Roseville neighborhoods. Olympus Jr. High and Olympic Park are both located in the neighborhood with two more parks proposed for the future. The median home value is $395,139. 

View Roseville Homes for Sale In Olympus Point


Johnson Ranch

Another very sought-after Roseville neighborhood. The public schools are great, low crime and close to lots of activities. The median home value is $544,775

View Roseville Homes for Sale In Johnson Ranch


Sierra Vista 

An ideal location for young professionals and couples that want to start a family. There are many restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops for the business-minded that work from home. While also many parks and great public schools are ideal for starting new chapters in life.  The median home price is $327,898 

View Roseville Homes for Sale in Sierra Vista


East Roseville Parkway

This is one of my personal favorite Roseville neighborhoods. Ok, I’m a little biased because we have chosen to live here. There are many great features, great schools which I children attend. Very close to the Galleria Mall and Fountains if you love shopping. Plenty of restaurants, movie theaters, and Sutter Medical Center. The median home price is slightly higher but you can still get a great deal with homes in the low $500k or pick from gated communities that Roseville homes in the millions. 

The median home price is $461,820

View Roseville Homes for Sale in East Roseville Parkway


Stanford and Stanford Crossing 

These two Roseville neighborhoods sit next to each other just east of Hwy 65 and North of Hwy 80. Very close to the large superstores like Costco and Home Depot. You might see some increased traffic on the weekend but don’t let that discourage you. There are some hidden parks and great schools that attract many young families. 

The median home price is $396,693

View Roseville Homes for Sale in Stanford Ranch and Stanford Crossing 


Junction West

Junctions West can be a bit of a drive away from the freeways but what might take you 5 or 10 minutes extra during a daily commute, makes up with peaceful weekend seclusion. Many brand new homes and newly built schools. Junction West is one of my favorite neighborhoods. I'm a fan of the suburban feel, away from the weekend shoppers and weekday hustle of bustle. The homes are affordable and the parks are quiet and maintained.  

The median home price is $454,741

View Roseville Homes for Sale in Junction West


Diamond Oaks 

Looking for a neighborhood close to shopping, golfing, the freeway, and much more. This Roseville neighborhood has it all. The schools are highly ranked, the feel is mixed with suburban and urban. Median home prices are $387,520

View Roseville Homes for Sale in Diamond Oaks 



Restaurants and Nightlife 


Roseville offers a great variety of cuisine and dining. I have few favorites but I will list a few and you can let me know what is your favorite!



(Linda's List)

Sushi Omakase (Family Favorite)

Ok, I'm not sure but I think my kids have some Japanese ancestry, they are 4 and 7, they love this place, both use chopsticks and both eat sashimi. Don’t get me wrong I like sushi but my wife and kids love the stuff. And out of all the sushi spots in Roseville, this is their favorite. You get to make your own roll, name it, and if it gets picked as the roll of the month it gets places on the menu for good, pretty cool. Pro-tip, Costco has gift cards for this place, buy a $100 card for $80. I don’t know about you but I like saving 20%. 



I would make this place my Sunday morning hang out if I could. Maybe after the 4y/o turns 5. Sometimes she just doesn’t like to sit still, go figure. Anyhow the food is great. Very good quality. I have yet to find anything I do not like. 



My wife and I have been here a few times. It's a great place for a casual business meeting. At least that is what we call lunch every now and then. The food is very good, it has a long-standing tradition of serving food in the Sacramento area for over 75yrs. They opened the Fats Asia Bistro and Dim Sum Bar in 2000. 


Rosati’s Sports Pub & Pizza 

Everyone has to have a favorite pizza place. This just happens to be mine, I like the authentic Chicago Style pizza but that also offers pasta, sandwiches and more. It doesn't hurt that they have 7 big-screen TVs to watch the games. They have been in THIS Roseville Neighborhood since 2015 and I think they will be around for quite a while. 


Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine 

This place is not in Roseville Ca, It is on the border in Rocklin Ca, but I had to mention it. It is our favorite place to eat. If you want to impress someone visiting with food. This is the place to take them. It's a simple little restaurant very casual and family-friendly. But the food is amazing. It’s plated beautifully and it tastes even better. Enough said!!!



Roseville Ca Nightlife


Ok, I am really not the man to be speaking about the nightlife in Roseville Ca. Being married with two small children tends to keep you home most weekends. But, there is a happening downtown scene with a few bars located close to each other. Onyx Club, Opera House Saloon, Owl Club, The Union Roseville, and Trocadero. I can even say that I have actually been into all of them over the course of one or two trips. They will all serve you justice if you are looking for a place to have a drink or a fun night of dancing. 




It does not snow in Roseville but we are super close to Truckee Ca. and Lake Tahoe. A day tip up to Kirkwood, Squaw Valley, Boreal, and Donner-Tahoe to name a few are just about an hour away. Depending on road conditions and traffic you can easily slip away and get a few trips down the mountain before you have to get the kids from school. 




Well, we stay as close to the water as possible. It can and it does get hot here. The average summer temp. Is about 92 degrees with the hottest months being July and August. I take the kids to the pool usually on a daily basis, get them out of the house while they are not in school and I like to think it tires them out a bit. Folsom Lake is a great place to visit either for a hike, some kayaking, or even some horseback riding.